AXON model

Dokumenty na stiahnutie

b) Model
d) Main Consultation Document – provides an introduction to the consultation and gives general indications on the consultation process.
e) Annex 2 – User manual – an introduction to the cost model, describing the worksheets it contains and providing guidance on how to run it. 
f) Annex 3 – Descriptive manual – describes the main algorithms implemented in the model, with the objective of providing transparency on the workings of the cost model.
g) Annex 4 – Methodological approach document – this document details the methodological assumptions used in the model and is particularly important to understand the treatment of data inputs in the model.
h) Annex 5 – Template for the provision of comments – this is the template that should be used to provide comments to this consultation. Please ensure that comments to this consultation are provided using this template.