Contract on Connection

1. The undertaking is obliged to conclude a Contract on Connection with every person interested in the provision of the public service, if there is no reason for its refusal.

2. The undertaking shall have the right to refuse the conclusion of the Contract on Connection, if: a) it is not technically feasible to provide the service in the required location, or to the required extent, except for the provision of the universal service, b) the applicant does not provide the guarantee that he/she will adhere to the contract, especially for the reason that he/she is the debtor of the undertaking or of another undertaking or because some of the undertakings has withdrawn from the contract with him/her or terminated the contract with him/her, c) the applicant does not agree with the General Conditions.

3. By a Contract on Connection the undertaking shall commit themselves to install the necessary access to the public telephone network or other public network and make the related services available for the customer. The Contract on Connection shall include the General Conditions and the Tariff. The substantial parts of the Contract on Connection are the agreed type of the public service, place of its provision, and the price. If the period of the service provision is not determined in the contract, the service shall be provided for an indefinite period of time. The price may also be agreed with reference to the Tariff.

4. The undertaking is obliged to notify the subscriber a substantial change of the contractual conditions and at the same time inform him on his right to back out of the contract on connection without penalty if he does not accept these changes, at least a month in advance.


1. The subscriber shall have the right to the clearance of faults in provision of the service that were not caused by him/her and without cost for him.

Claims Proceeding Rules and Out-of-Court Dispute Resolution

1. The claim shall be made to the undertaking that provided the service. In the claims procedure rules, which shall be a part of the General Conditions, the undertaking shall set out: a) details on the scope of the rights of user to claim accuracy of the payments and quality of the public service, b) the way of making claims and settlement thereof, c) the period for the submission of claims and settlement thereof, d) the way of exercising subscriber’s right referred to in Section 42 Subsection 2, Letter e), e) other details on claims procedure.

2. User shall be entitled to submit to the Office the dispute concerning accuracy of payment and quality of public service, especially regarding provision of the universal service, which was subject of claims procedure and whose handling did not satisfy the user. The Office shall solve the submitted dispute with the aim to settle it and achieve agreement between the undertaking and user regarding the subject matter of the dispute.


1. The Contract on Connection shall expire: a) upon expiration of the term for which the contract has been concluded, b) by mutual agreement of the contracting parties, c) by withdrawal, d) by termination, e) if stipulated so by a special regulation.

2. The subscriber may back out of the Contract on Connection without penalty, if the undertaking: a) notifies him of a change in the terms of the Contract, 30 days before it comes into force at the latest, and the subscriber does not accept the change, b) repeatedly fails to provide the public service in line with the Contract or has provided it with substantial faults, even after claim, c) repeatedly fails to eliminate the fault of the public service under claim within the set period.

3. The subscriber may terminate the Contract on Connection concluded for an indefinite period of time for any reason whatsoever or without stating a reason.